5 movies about cycling which have inspired a lot of people

Movies and Cycling

The films take you to unimaginable places you travel to other worlds full of fantastic landscapes and characters with which you can not avoid logging. Hear stories that inspire you to go beyond the limits.


Generally films take five-star sports, since in most cases contain biographical elements or stories based on real life, with intense emotions and inspiring end.

Although they appear to be few films that focus their plot in cycling, which exist and are able to document the feel of a wheeled bike and all efforts that this entails, enough to leave the viewer with emotion to the surface.

About the International Film Festival in Guadalajara, and all those movie buffs and lovers of cycling, we leave these five movies that will surely be a source of inspiration to achieve all your goals and targets to get on a bike. To enjoy the best quality of these movies, please visit putlocker site.

1. The Flying Scotsman (2006)

This film tells the story biographical Scottish track champion Graeme Obree, who overcame countless obstacles to achieve his dream, to be the best cyclist.

One aspect that makes this film a spectacular film, is the plot. Not only because it is a cyclist wanting to become champion, but it goes beyond that. the human side and shown their fragility, their struggles not only with the external, if not those that confront costs us more work, struggles with oneself.

2. Pantani: the accidental death of a cyclist (2014)

It is a film that tells the story of the rise and tragic fall of one of the most important riders in the world. Known as “the Pirate” Marco Pantani won the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia. But fame and the pressure in the sport, both physically and psychologically is brutal and many are the battles that have to be overcome.

You can find it on Netflix.

3. Clean Spirit: Inside the tour (2014)

In the world of cycling there are many scandals, particularly with the issue of doping. And it is in this documentary film where the story of a team that runs free drug in the famous Tour de France is shown. What they look for these cyclists is to clean the image of this beautiful sport and strengthen missing values.

Netflix you find it as New Heroes, in the heart of the Tour de France.

4. Over the Wheel (2013)

This documentary is about the urban cyclist movement that exists in Guadalajara and its efforts to create a safe space for anyone to choose a cyclist mobility. It is a documentary that makes visible pollution problems in our city and the danger of rolling down the streets.

Not to be missed, plus it will surely be impressed to see the achievements that you can get from a civic organization.

5. The green bicycle (2012)

This inspiring film Wajda tells the story of a 10 year old girl living in the capital of Saudi Arabia. She dreams of having a bicycle but social and cultural encounters obstacles to fulfill their greatest desire.


best movies cycling

Now that the cycling season stretches, lovers of two wheels expect wanting the arrival of the spring classics and big turns.

But as we approach the Paris-Roubaix , the Tour of Flanders , the Giro d’Italia , the Tour de France or theTour of Spain , we want to whet your appetite for the wait more pleasant. That’s why we bring the best films of cycling history.

So prepare your supplies: take popcorn, fill the bottle with your favorite drink and watch movies online free on xmovies8.


This film is a true reflection of the lives of all cyclists who, in the shadow of great runners, are dedicated to working as gregarious away from the triumphs and glory. It’s what happens to Ghislain Lambert , who has the misfortune to be born the same day as the almighty Eddy Merckx . Lambert yearns to become champion. Many times your heart can more than his legs, but not stop fighting for his dream.


The bicycle as an allegory of one of the most important issues of our day: the refugees. This is the main plot of ‘The cyclist ‘. Nasim is an Afghan refugee in Iran after a demonstration in the town square decides to pedal nonstop for a week in order to raise money to save the life of his wife. The star will spend seven days and seven nights without stopping, fatigued and ignoring the pleas of his son to end his protest.


‘ The Triplets of Belleville’ is an animated film. Champion is a lonely boy who lives with his grandmother Madame Souza . This small is just happy on a bicycle, so subjected to hard training that will lead to the world ‘s most important cycling race: the Tour de France . During the competition it is kidnapped by two mysterious men dressed in black. Then her grandmother and her dog Bruno begin a journey in their quest that will take them to the giant city of Belleville .


Kevin Costner is one of the protagonists of this film that mixes drama with sport and improvement. Marcus and David are two brothers living apart for a long time. The first carries a severe brain disease that can kill him at any instant. Both decide to enroll and prepare together the Coors International Bicycle Classic , a bicycle race through the mountains of Colorado. In the competition David will face the great cyclists of the country and go straight for victory, however, his brother accuses her illness and could be living the last days of his life.


Cyril, Moocher, Mike and Dave are four friends from Bloomington, a modest city of Indiana, found in the complex adolescent without aspirations in life stage. Dave is a man obsessed cycling. She lives on a bicycle. He admires the great Italian riders: eat pasta, studying their language and dress like them. This obsession will take, with his friends, to embark on a career that will change their lives forever. However, in the days before the competition, Dave suffers heartbreak with this sport you will give up the bike. His teammates will have to convince him to regain motivation and help them win. Without it is not possible.



One of the most recent films related to cycling is ‘ Clean Spirit, inside the Tour ‘ ( ‘clean Spirit, within the Tour’), ​​a film showing from the inside how you live and how you prepare a professional team as important as career is the Tour de France. The film revolves around the Dutch set Argos Shimano and two stars of the moment: the sprintersMarcel Kittel (four victories in this edition) and John Degenkolb .


Finally, we can not forget a cyclist who, for better or worse, has made ​​history in this sport. ‘ The big lie of Lance Armstrong ‘ is a documentary film chronicling the return to competition of American in the Tour de France in 2009. At that time the shadow of doping and hovered over him. However, the film begins in 2013, when Armstrong reveals his traps and is stripped of his seven titles of champion of La Grande Boucle .


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